Newborn Sleep Guide


Expecting a little one? Brand new parents trying to navigate parenthood, but don’t need the 1:1 discussion or Q&A with a consultant? Then this download is the perfect option for you. Also makes a great baby shower gift!

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The newborn sleep guide is a detailed sleep document available for download, covering the basics of a baby’s first 16 weeks of sleep. It includes everything you need to establish a safe and healthy sleep foundation for your sleepy bear plus a bonus list of our favorite baby sleep products!

Ages: Expectant Parents – Newborns

This 20+ page guide is perfect for those who want to:

  • Learn the basics of baby sleep that remain important into toddlerhood
  • Gain specific tips and tools to create safe and healthy sleep habits
  • Understand how to soothe and meet a baby’s needs without creating habits you’ll need to break later
  • Learn ideal routines, methods, and transitions to practice with your baby
  • Have a concrete troubleshooting resource to refer back to as various sleep issues and developmental milestones pop up
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